About ACT

ACT Company has a primary aim of producing a very high standard of theatrical projects that - in some cases - perhaps few have, or would, attempt. Our secondary aim is to vary the category of theatre we present. We believe that by staging a cross-section of theatre - classic or contemporary, new writing or adaptations, straight plays or musicals - that will involve and challenge our audience, we can be confident of setting ourselves apart. We hope that this approach ensures we remain both versatile and engaging.

In terms of cast andproduction team for each annual project, we always aim to bring in new faces and are happy to invest time in developing and nurturing potential. Individual enthusiasm and a willingness to develop any aspect of stage craft, goes a long way in our opinion. For every production, the company members form a team and all are equal regardless of their role or task.


'Is there no play, to ease the anguish of a torturing hour?'

From 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' by William Shakespeare

Lastly, ACT Company is not run by committee. The company policy is to remain free and open on all aspects of our work and this means we can invite fresh ideas and input for each project and not become predictable, habitual or staid.


If you would like to express your interest please visit our contact page.



'Hamlet' by William Shakespeare - "High energy and highly disciplined teamwork against the backdrop of an imaginative and classical set."

'Still Life' (Brief Encounter) by Noel Coward - "Excellent ensemble playing. ACT Company only pops up on odd occasions but judged on this little gem they should do so more often."

Recent Facebook Posts - ‘Les Misérables’

'Truly outstanding production. Genuinely moved at some of the performances.'

'WOW! Brilliant, well done to you all!'

'The staging was amazing. The characters alive and totally believable. Very, very well done!'

'A piece of art from beginning to end and one of the most powerful pieces of theatre that I have seen!'



'blue/orange' by Joe Penhall -
"The staging was excellent and beautifully lit, the performances skilled and highly competent."

'Much Ado About Nothing' by William Shakespeare - "You sat back and admired the sheer panache and creativity of ACT's theatrical concept."

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